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CarX Damage Mod
Developed by KingFisher95 for HipShake
This mod is available for both ZML and KSL.

KSL Version
ZML Version (in #damagemod channel)

drag "VehicleDamage.ksm" to:
CarX Drift Racing Online\kino\mods 

drag "VehicleDamage.ZM" to:
CarX Drift Racing Online\ZML\mods

You must manually open the KSL/ZML menu to configure the mod after each game reboot, currently there is no way for Damagemod to remember your settings.

Vehicle Damage is a very self-explanatory mod.
  • ABOUT - Shows you basic information about the mod
  • KEYBINDS - Allows you to bind buttons for enabling/disabling damage
  • UPDATER (KSM) - Will allow you to install new update as well as check for them
  • Always Enable All Cars - Every new player will automatically have damaged enabled for their car
  • Toggle All On - Toggles damage on for every vehicle
  • Toggle All off - Toggles damage off for every vehicle
  • Repair All - Repairs all vehicles
  • Strength Slider - Increase the intensity of the damage taken
  • Goofy Mode - allow for ridiculous damage values
  • Playerlist - You can manually repair and toggle people's damage on, as well as yourself.

Questions, comments, help etc can all be asked in the main chat in our HIPSHAKE discord. thank you.


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