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Sunday, October 15, 2023


I've been working on my Silvia PS13. For now it's nothing special, but I'll still go over it.
I love girly interiors, it's much more interesting to look at than the same Bride seats with black interiors.
So I put a white rollbar, pink and white seats, hello kitty plush, air freshener, pillows, pink dice & ribbon, an Ultra Norsk air freshener, kuromi floor mats (not pictured), and a pink & white steering wheel. Also slapped in some pioneer TS-X15 II's in the rear.
Exterior wise, it's very mid-90s. A31 Cefiro grille, the OEM aero bumper, OEM antenna as well as an angled CB antenna,  BOMEX Type-1 rear wing, a generic aftermarket muffler/exhaust, FET foglamps, an angled plate at the front, LongChamp XR-4's in the front, and Volk Artisan Spirits (which i pretend are Linea Sports) with some wheel tape.

Sticker wise it's nothing special. the front banner of my team, HipShake rear slap, Street Angels, and then a Strawberry Kiss sticker that's partially covering the street angels. oops lol. Finally there is a sailor juptier lineart on the side.

 I was inspired by this car down below. I believe it's the same car, just at different points in its life. This car also had a FANTASIA slap on the rear, which is where I got the idea for the team name "HIPSHAKE with R.Fantasia".

I love girly cars as I said, so a lineart of an anime waifu from the 90s felt right.

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